Yasuda Sushi Bar

Yasuda Sushi Bar  in Tokyo is still the best sushi anywhere.  Yasuda san is a master sushi chef who returned from his successful sushi bar in New York to his home, reopening in Tokyo.  8 Seats fill up pretty quickly so reserve well in advance.  He will ask if you have any specific likes/dislikes and then go to work, providing you with the best sushi you have ever experienced.  There is no ordering required, he just delivers bite after glorious bite.  Keep in mind that the rice is king, representing 80% of the overall taste experience,  If uni is not is season in Hokaida, you may get to sample same from Santa Barbara or somewhere in Russia.  Regardless the taste sensation of whatever he sources is always exceptional.  Opt in for the sake from his home prefecture Chiba, you will enjoy it immensely. CheersIMG_1127

Peters Brauhaus

cropped-Schweinshaxe.jpgIt is a toss up between Gaffel Am Dom and Peters when it comes to needing a German Pub fix. Both have their attributes certainly, but Peters is a little less of a tourist mecca where you will often be seated at the same table as a German family, which can prove entertaining by itself. I am pretty sure I know the essentials of food and beverage in about 10 different languages, but conversational German is not one of my skills. Fortunately almost everyone that I have ever met in this country is quite happy to speak English with this crazy foreigner who loves schweinshaxe. This slim German girl across the table had ordered same and there was no doubt that it would be the main entree that I would order. The pig’s knuckle was not just a joint, it was almost a whole leg, it must have tipped a kilo on the scale, with this glorious cracklin skin that is positively addictive. Had to start with a white asparagus soup as we are in mid season, and it is not to be missed. Talk about wanting a straw not to leave any morsel of this delicacy left in the bowl. How does this girl maintain such a slim figure eating this monster meal, drinking the awesome beer which I am sure drives the whole German GDP? Must work out 12 hours a day to handle this type of diet, but it is worth it.